"World" Travel

(Northwest Hemisphere)

New York City
A collection of various photos from my current city of residence.
November, 2015
A winter 2016 visit to the Caribbean island of Martinique (FR).
April, 2016
A December 2015 Trip to the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe (FR)
April, 2016
Iceland 2015
Photos taken from a June 2015 touring of Iceland.
November, 2015
Iceland via iPhone
A selection of iPhone Photos taken on a June 2015 trip to Iceland.
November, 2015
San Francisco
Various photos from a February 2015 trip to beautiful San Francisco. More photos to come shortly!
November, 2015
Sint Maarten
Photos taken from Maho Beach, Sint Maarten during vacation, 2014.
April, 2016
Costa Rica
Christmastime Vacation throughout the Guanacaste Peninsula of Costa Rica in 2013.
November, 2015
Miscellaneous pictures taken over time in my home state of Maine.
November, 2015
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